Electric TerraTrike Rover Electric Rover Trike
“Hey Doug,  I clocked 19 mph on the flat – all electric.  I have been airborne on a bumpy bike path.  This is the least expensive TerraTrike Rover model set up with a 26″ wheel with your 36V hub motor.  The electric motor upgrade takes this vehicle from a slow, comfortable, recumbent cruiser, to a unique sports car thrill ride. It is an experimental vehicle, (I tell everybody it’s my new electric car).  The acceleration is powerful, when accompanied by human power from a dead stop, it is a union of the best of technology and human power!  You beat every car at a stop light to the other side of the intersection.  I put two carrying baskets on the battery rack and it’s fabulous for trips to the grocery store.  So far the longest commute I have made is Rohnert Park to Santa Rosa and back (18 miles round trip), sporadic human assist outbound with all electric return just to attempt to run the battery down, absolutely no noticeable loss of speed, so range is not being approached.  Thanks, Doug, it works great, and I can always easily switch everything back and forth to a bicycle if I decide to experiment further!”
Paul – Rohnert Park, CA
Thanks for the feedback on your new electric Terratrike Rover Paul!  Our kits work great on recumbent trikes as well as on pretty much any other type of bike.  The thrill at 52V would be a bit much for the Rover Trike.  36V with our powerful motors is a good fit in this scenario.