Electric torker trike conversion kit

Originally this trike was outfitted by Torker with a low powered, short distance, 24 volt electric system. Torker has been out of business for some time now but the trike itself, minus its original electric system, is still a good trike. Vicki recently brought one of these to us and we easily converted it to a higher quality, $865, 36 volt electric bike kit system. As you will note in the picture, the trike has a place under the basket to mount our rack style battery. This is nice as it keeps the entire basket open for precious cargo like Mimi her dog.  Vicki recently sent us this picture with her comments about how much she (and Mimi) enjoy their new found freedom on the trike:

“Hi Doug, Mimi and I just took another nice ride on the Torker trike you converted and it is just so exciting! I can still pedal, but it does not strain my hips…Yay! This truly broadens my options as I love riding my trike. Thank you!”

Vicki      –    Vacaville, CA

Whether it’s an existing electric trike or bike that has run its coarse and needs an upgrade or a standard bike or trike that needs electrifying, we have an Electric Bike Kit Solution for you! Give us a call or email to discuss your electric bike conversion kit needs/desires.

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