Trek520RoadBike“Doug, I wanted to follow up with you on the kit we picked up this weekend.  It’s the 48 volt 12Ah high end system installed on a really nice steel-framed Trek 520 road bike with low rolling resistance racing tires.  The system outperforms all expectations!   I’m seeing 28 MPH with a comfortable level of effort.  With hard effort it’s more like 30MPH.  Stays above 20MPH on the hills easily.   I rode 3.1 miles in 10 minutes and arrived ready for work today without feeling sweaty.  Just wait until I get back in shape!”

Derrick – Fremont, CA


Enjoy your new commute vehicle Derrick and try to stay within the speed limit.  For others reading this, the system goes in the mid 20’s on its own with no pedaling on flat ground.  As Derrick points out with just a little effort, and if your bike is geared for it, you can easily shorten your commute time even further.