ElectricTreksA couple of very nice Electric Trek Bicycles easily tackling the hills of Truckee California.  This is our most popular 48V high torque, high powered system.  Added to this is the $100 upgrade display that includes 5 levels of pedal assist with throttle override, and with speed, odometer, volts, and watts readings.  Here is the owner’s extensive review:

“Hi Doug,

 Thank you for the kits and support! We are really enjoying our electric bikes.

 Here is a photo of the bikes from our recent trip to Zion Nat’l Park. Zion is a great park to see by bicycle as most of it is closed to car traffic.

 A few details on the bikes: Mine, in the forefront, is a 2009 Trek 7200 hybrid. I replaced the front suspension fork with a chromoly fork from Origin8, added a 180mm rotor Avid BB7 front disc brake, painted the frame and fork dark forest green using rattle can primer and paint from our local Ace Hardware, swapped the original straight handlebar for a Nitto Albatross, installed Schwalbe Little Big Ben 700×38 tires with Slime tubes. The front mini rack is from Sunlite, the rear panniers are Basil Tour XL. The kickstand is the highly recommended Ursus Jumbo. The saddle with suspension post and the grips are the original Trek provided units. The conversion was done with your 48 volt high end kit with pedal assist and optional control panel and your rear battery rack. I removed the front derailleur and used that space for the half twist throttle. That reduced the bike from 24 speeds to 8, but I find that 8 gears is plenty with a powerful electric bike. I am 6 feet tall, weigh about 200 lbs and really only use about the five highest gears even in our extremely hilly terrain here in Truckee.”

My wife’s bike is a new, yellow Trek Chesea 8 model. It has a chromoly frame and disc brakes and an eight speed rear Shimano cassette. The basket is from REI by Nantucket. Same Schwalbe tires and Slime tubes as on mine and I also added the Ursus Jumbo kickstand after trying a smaller, unstable model from another brand.

The bikes are working great. They are pretty “stealth” and not obviously electric unless you know what you are looking for and look closely.”

Garrison – Truckee, CA