Electric Trek Tandem

“Doug, we really enjoy riding our Electric Trek Tandem T100, with your electric bike kit.  We purchased the 52V 1200+ Watt (peak) High-End Geared Motor System with the Panasonic battery.  The installation was pretty simple.  The rear wheel fit our frame with only a very little filing.  The cables were a good length for mounting the controller in the bag behind the front seat.  We really like the way it rides.  With the battery mounted in the water bottle mounts, I don’t notice the additional weight of the battery.   I upgraded the 14-28 Shimano freewheel with a DNP Epoch Freewheel 7spd 11-28 Nickel Plated one.  This gives us more gearing options.  We can cruise in 5th gear with the big front chain ring at 18 mph on peddle assist 1 with a cadence in the 60’s with no problem.    I was amazed that we can get 27 mph using only the throttle.  Climbing the hills is no longer a problem on our heavy tandem.  Our longest ride so far has been 15 miles and the battery still had 52 volts.   Thanks for you help and answering my questions.  It is a great ride!” – Mike

Nice looking tandem Mike.  Great system for any bike, trike, tandem, recumbent or whatever you like.  Know that we also do offer the the 11t freewheel sprocket for an additional $22.  Simply let us know this is what you want when ordering.