Electric Wheel Chair Kit


Really enjoyed this customer’s email about his electric wheel chair kit setup:
“Dear Doug,  Last year I bought your 16” front wheel 1300 watt set up and mounted it to my Fire fly attachment that mounts to my wheelchair quick release.   AWESOME!!!!!  Attached is a picture and she pulls my big “-ss” 20+
I am interested in the same set up for my Hand Cycle.  I would need a rear  26″ complete set 1300 watt and 52 volt battery.  Is the 26 inch  650 mm ?  Also did I read correct it comes already with a 7 sprocket freewheel cassette.  Also do you offer a disk brake? Thanks again!
  John – Elyria, OH”
Great stuff John and very creative application.  Please be careful as if I saw a wheel chair go by at 20 mph I would be a bit nervous about it 🙂  Yes, the system comes with a 7 sprocket freewheel cassette and it works well with disk brakes.  650 mm is actually a 27.5″ wheel that we do carry.  Lots of mountain bikes now use the 650 mm, which is in between the 26″ and 700c.  It would be a great application for a hand cycle.
We let customers know every day that our kits can adapt to pretty much anything.  That said, for applications like the one pictured here it helps to be as innovative as John.  We look forward to posting his hand cycle when completed.