FolsomE-BikeAs with all installs we do, this one is looking very clean.  The customer thought so as well.  See his comments below:

“Hi Doug,
Thank you very much for your expertise in specking and building my e-bike conversion. I asked you so many questions, which you patiently answered and your turn around time to complete the conversion was so quick. I appreciated the time you took to familiarize me with the e-bike when I took delivery. On the way back to Folsom, I stopped in Sacramento to ride the flatland. Not wanting to run the battery out, I both pedaled and sparingly used the motor all the while passing other bicyclist at will. On this fifteen mile maiden ride, the battery never got below the green indicator and charged up in under two hours. Since then, I have gone through six charge cycles and have easily sailed up the hills of Folsom using pedal assist. I am happy with the balance of this e-bike conversion and it performs well running on motor only, pedal assist, or just plain pedaling. 

One memorable compliment I received, among so many that I get, is this E-Bike does not look like a “Franken-bike”. This is a testament to your planning and workmanship in making this conversion. I couldn’t agree more.

A happy Electric Bike Solutions customer,  

Jackson – Folsom, CA”

Thanks Jackson for the great feedback!  No better way to enjoy the countryside…