E-Fujisidebag“Doug, I was very excited to try out the electric bike kit you installed today, 23 miles to work was a success. No sweat! No trailer yet, just used a backpack and pannier. Went 18 miles before the MAX battery indicator light turned off, but the MAX light was still on/off depending on use after the 18 miles. This was the start of the first uphill into Folsom, CA.; 23 miles final destination, still solid MID light indicator for battery.
AVG Speed was 18 MPH overall…not bad! 90% easy pedal assist the entire trip (high gear 99 % of the time). 95% use of electric motor mid to full throttle the entire trip. Estimate stopping 10x for lights and stop signs. Pedal assisted taking off.  Might like to try a 48V battery with the setup to have even more power on demand!” 
Erwin – Sacramento CA