Full Suspension Dual Motor Electric Bicycle“Hey Doug, I thank you, my wife thanks you, and my dog thanks you!  The upgrade you did to my original full suspension electric bike with one of your kits to what is now a full suspension dual motor electric bicycle is fantastic!  I feel like superman on this bike with no mountain to steep too conquer.  With my legs continuously declining because of health related issues this is a life changer.  Thanks again! ”

Reuben – Oakland, CA

Good stuff Reuben…glad it meets your needs.  Reuben has one of the older direct drive motors that he bought from us many years ago; we added the smaller geared motor to the front for the perfect combination to meet his needs. Very soon we will be offering a dual motor complete electric bike system using our latest generation high-end geared motors on a KHS Town & Country (TC) 100 that will shred any grade mountain climb.  The 36V system will retail for around $2400 and the 52V system for approximately $2600.  Compare that price and performance to any of the major single motor complete electric bikes out there and there really is no comparison!