GiantRevive“Hi Doug, just passing along a couple pics of my latest project. 20 inch Giant Revive semi-recumbent with rear suspension and geared rear hub with 36 volt, 12 amp hour battery. It’s light, quick and just nimble enough to be a hoot to ride.  I installed a taller geared 11 tooth Epoch rear sprocket on the wheel you sent so at higher speeds I can still help out while pedaling for exercise. This is my second kit from GoCarLite and I must say I am totally satisfied. I appreciate that you make yourself available by phone and email to answer questions I had while trying to design my ride. Your advice was spot on and made the entire operation smooth and easy… no surprises. I ride it to the beach a lot and get lots of questions.  Everyone who tries it loves it.  The geared motor hub is a winner and barely noticeable. One fellow at a car show pointed to the battery on the rear rack and asked if it was an amp!  No radio in sight, but am amp, maybe 😉  The kit is simple to install, quiet and plenty of torque for hills or headwinds. I bought some spiral plastic cable cover at Home Depot which really makes the wiring look neater.  I’ll send pics of my Raleigh Gruv 2.0 with same kit as soon as I get some good pics.”



Don – Englewood, FL

Thanks Don for the great feedback.  Excellent looking bike!  The smaller geared electric bike motor kit works great on a 20″ wheel at either 36V or 48V for those that really want a high-speed thrill.