GT_Electric_1 (1)Lenny bought the battery from us, but had already purchased the kit from an overseas supplier, so the motor on the bike is not from us.  Nice battery configuration he employed for a full suspension setup.

“Doug, I am blown away by your excellent support, and will only buy products from you in the future. Love my battery. It works perfectly with my setup. I have good power on hills and did a 15 mile trip yesterday with a mix of trails and hills, and had plenty of battery left. I included a picture. I have been riding a Lee Iacocca, EVG e-bike for 2 years (it’s a dog). I may consider upgraging it at some point, if I do I will be in touch. Many thanks!

Lenny – Saratoga Springs, NY

Lenny contacted me again shortly after sending this note and said the controller on his kit that he got off of EBay via an overseas company had failed.  He was trying to get a new one from them, but it was going to take some time.  Hopefully it works out for him.  Electric Bike Kit Dealers, like myself, work with overseas suppliers as well.  The difference is that I have gone through and tested many batteries and kits from multiple suppliers to offer only the best at a reasonable cost.  This also includes having made special request upgrades to ensure maximum reliability.  It sounds like Lenny may be getting a response from the supplier, which is good to hear.  What I hear from customers all too often, unfortunately, is that they bought the kit and ended up stuck with something that did not work.  Yes, it may cost a little more to buy here at home in the states, but when you buy from a company like us, know that someone will always be there to answer all your questions and honor the warranty.  Electric Bike Solutions is now in its fourth year of business and continuing to grow.  We look forward to talking to you about your electric biking needs and answering any questions that you have.

Doug – Owner/Operator
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