Kent Cruiser Electric Bike This customer knows how to be seen while riding at night.  Click on the picture for a video. Our apologies for the video quality, but it was sent to us via phone and then transferred via email, so not the best.  The bike is a very affordable Kent Cruiser outfitted with a 1300 watt peak system.  The motor he wanted on it is an older style direct drive that we discontinued some time ago due to the greater benefits of using a high-end geared motor kit.  That said, we are always willing to work with our customers to fill their needs.  Here are some of the comments he sent to us:

“Hey Doug, this is sweeeet!  I love this setup.  It goes in the upper 20 mph’s and is very reliable transportation.  This kit is just what this bike needed.  Your product is wonderful!  Thanks so much.”              Raymond – Worcester, MA