trucker“Doug, I went 45 miles today and used 9.4 amp hours of the 10 amp hours available.  That included two times up the hill on 128 at the dam for Lake Berryessa and all of the rollers in between. 

I’m pretty sure I could have gotten 50 miles if I ran it dry.  I used it full power much of the time, but also pedaled with some effort to conserve. I did not use the throttle at all when it was not practical to have it on, such as down hills or faster–down grade–sections.  Basically, I kept it about 18 miles per hour and adjusted the power output accordingly.  I ran into a lot of friends/and strangers who were very intrigued by it. Lots of fun!
Karen – Vacaville, CA
Karen is an avid long distance rider.  Follow her on her multi-state trips at this link: