marin Muirwood Electric Bike KitBen, from Vallejo, describes how well this system is performing for him on his newly electrified Marin Muirwood 29er bicycle.  He is lighter in weight so opted for the 36V system with the pedal assist/display upgrade.  Results are perfect for his needs at a great price.  Note that the battery fits nice and cozy in a frame mount bag.  This is an option versus the rack mount battery:

“Doug, hope your week’s been doing great, so far I’ve had an awesome
experience with your system.  My commute of 7.4 miles only takes 18-20 minutes one way. Top speed motor alone is around 22 mph and up an incline it slows to only 18 mph. I’m definitely sold on this system and will keep you updated about how it rides and any future modifications I think up (i.e extra
battery/rear motor).”

Ben – Vallejo, CA