Napa48VThis is our 48 volt lifepo4 battery with our geared rear motor system. Lee, from Napa, CA, describes how ecstatic he is about the setup.

“Doug, the bike is running great! I have it setup to look least like an e-bike and most folks don’t have a clue that it’s electric. Notice how I put the controller under the seat and how I custom fit the battery into the double decker rack. The rack is made for one of your 36 volt batteries, but since the 48V is a little taller I re-fabricated it to provide the necessary room. When I put saddlebags over the battery, the bike is incognito. I cruise around easily at 25 mph plus and people just look on in amazement. I have a feeling you will be hearing from many of my friends. Thanks again!”
Lee – Napa, CA