Schwinn Sierra Electric BicycleHappy customer in San Jose that installed one of our electric bike high powered kits himself on his Schwinn Sierra:

“Hi Doug, this pic was taken at what we  call Communications Hill and the back side is very steep.  Very few cyclists attempt the challenge, I do ride up it on my road bike but it is really a serious work out. I must say that even with the mtn bike weight (this bike is 60 lbs) I never even took it out of level 2 assist and the going up was easy.  Your kit has real power which makes steep climbs a pleasure. The bike is a Schwinn Sierra and the frame is made of chromoly steel so its no light weight. My wife rode it for the first time and was quite nervous since I have ridden it a lot and gave it praise for its ability to pull hard if asked to do so.  I reassured her it would act like a well trained horse and behave kindly. She returned with a big smile and was perfectly happy with the way it delivered smooth power.   We are getting ready to move to Montana to my wife’s home town. We have a home there already. Plenty of hills and mountains to ride on or around. I know without a doubt that this bike will take my wife over any steep road she decides to take. When we get up there I am going to order another kit from you. Thanks again for your help and a wonderful product that delivers performance beyond my expectations.”

Happy Cyclist Dan – San Jose, CA but soon Montana!