Nice setup by the customer on an older tandem he and his wife ride regularly.  Pedego recently came out with an electric tandem with a heavier direct drive motor versus the nice, light-weight, geared, free-wheel one on this bike.  This is an $830 kit and even with a brand new tandem bicycle (with kit) you would be no where near the $2700 Pedego is asking for their setup.

The Customer gives the setup very high marks:  “Doug, THIS IS THE GREATEST BICYCLE INVENTION SINCE THE WRIGHT BROTHERS INVENTED THE AIRPLANE! It works great. I was amazed at how much power that little motor has. Especially pulling our 23 year old tandem. Almost threw my wife off the back end the first time I “punched” it (I learned quickly I should ‘feather’ it).  Here’s a few pictures. Talk to you later.”

Steve – Huntington Beach, CA