Electric Yuba Boda Boda

“I absolutely love it Doug!”  Eliana – San Francisco       This one came with her giving big hugs to her husband for setting it up with us.  Beautiful, comfortable Electric Boda Boda Cargo Bike.  They got the front rack upgrade, which is a very well designed addition.  It completely attaches to the frame of the bike so as not to impact the steering or handling of the bike.  It also made for a very nice location to hide the powerful 52V 11.6AH battery; yes, it is tucked away in the back end of the basket.  Without the rack we would have fabricated a way to mount the battery in the large space behind the seat.  At Electric Bike Solutions we believe there is always a solution.  This bike also has been upgraded with the seat pad and foot panels.

Eliana will be hauling precious cargo (her children) around the hills of San Francisco.  The 52V 1300 watt peak system is just the ticket for those big hills while carrying a big payload.  Get yours today here at this link.

We have set many customers that own Yuba cargo bikes up with our high quality electric bike kits over the years.  They are very well designed bikes that accommodate our systems quite nicely.  Seems many of them are in the hills of San Francisco with children and/or spouses in tow.  Here are just a couple more of them at these links: Giants Yuba Cargo Bike    Yuba Electric Cargo Bike 

Make sure when looking around for a electric bike kit to outfit your bicycle with that some comparisons are done.  Price is always one of them, however, what are you getting for that price? Is there service and support that includes somebody knowledgeable that can assist with your questions.  Check reviews and industry forums. Has for components here is a comparison of our system with that of a very well known competitor: BionX Comparison.