3 Considerations for Choosing an Electric Bike Kit

Transform your bike into an electric bike with our ebike kits!

Transform your bike into an electric bike with our ebike kits!

You’ve already got the bike. Now you just need a few modifications to turn your bike into an electric bike. Your first challenge starts with choosing the right ebike kit. How will you know which kit is right for you and your lifestyle? Well, if you keep the following considerations in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making an informed decision and getting the electric bike of your dreams.

Travel Distance

How often do you plan to use your ebike? How far will your ebike have to travel on any given day? Questions like these will help you narrow down your choices when you buy your first ebike kit. When you think about travel time and distance, your most important ebike consideration will be the battery. A higher amp hour rating will give you the most distance, but it does add to the weight and the cost of the battery.  Also make sure your motor and controller are compatible with your battery when buying components from different suppliers.  Some ebike enthusiasts also carry multiple batteries only when needed for those long-distance biking trips.  In addition, a planetary geared hub motor is 10% to 15% more efficient than the heavier older style direct drive hub motors.

Types of Terrain

Are you buying an ebike kit to help you commute to work, or do you plan to use your ebike on mountain terrains and other rough trails? Maybe you’d like a kit that can help you achieve both or something in-between. Much like the travel distance question, the terrain question also needs you to consider which battery type will serve you best. The right voltage and amp combination will help you ride across any terrain. Our kits are made for both torque and speed.  The internal planetary gears also mean there is no resistance when choosing to use the ebike as a regular bike. The speed you desire depends on the amount of voltage and amperage rating of the controller.  So the higher the battery voltage the faster the system will go.  Just remember that too much voltage will damage the motor.

Pedal Power

Will you use your ebike exclusively as an ebike, or will you want to pedal unassisted every once in a while? As stated above the planetary geared hub motor systems have no resistance when pedaling.  The only difference is the additional weight of the entire electric bike kit system, which is usually around 20 pounds.  With a hub motor nothing about the bike’s regular operations has changed except when you desire a boost; then there is a big change

Need Some Ebike Advice?

Of course, the best way to make an informed decision is to talk to an expert. Still have questions about ebike kits? Electric Bike Solutions is ready to help. We’re here to answer all of your specific questions about battery voltage, motor specifications, terrain, or the installation process. Feel free to contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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