3 Considerations for Choosing an Electric Bike Kit

Transform your bike into an electric bike with our ebike kits!

Transform your bike into an electric bike with our ebike kits!

You’ve already got the bike. Now you just need a few modifications to turn your bike into an electric bike. Your first challenge starts with choosing the right ebike kit. How will you know which kit is right for you and your lifestyle? Well, if you keep the following considerations in mind, you’ll be well on your way to making an informed decision and getting the electric bike of your dreams.

Travel Distance

How often do you plan to use your ebike? How far will your ebike have to travel on any given day? Questions like these will help you narrow down your choices when you buy your first ebike kit. When you think about travel time and distance, your most important ebike consideration will be the battery. A higher amp hour rating will give you the most distance, but it does add to the weight and the cost of the battery.  Also make sure your motor and controller are compatible with your battery when buying components from different suppliers.  Some ebike enthusiasts also carry multiple batteries only when needed for those long-distance biking trips.  In addition, a planetary geared hub motor is 10% to 15% more efficient than the heavier older style direct drive hub motors.

Types of Terrain

Are you buying an ebike kit to help you commute to work, or do you plan to use your ebike on mountain terrains and other rough trails? Maybe you’d like a kit that can help you achieve both or something in-between. Much like the travel distance question, the terrain question also needs you to consider which battery type will serve you best. The right voltage and amp combination will help you ride across any terrain. Our kits are made for both torque and speed.  The internal planetary gears also mean there is no resistance when choosing to use the ebike as a regular bike. The speed you desire depends on the amount of voltage and amperage rating of the controller.  So the higher the battery voltage the faster the system will go.  Just remember that too much voltage will damage the motor.

Pedal Power

Will you use your ebike exclusively as an ebike, or will you want to pedal unassisted every once in a while? As stated above the planetary geared hub motor systems have no resistance when pedaling.  The only difference is the additional weight of the entire electric bike kit system, which is usually around 20 pounds.  With a hub motor nothing about the bike’s regular operations has changed except when you desire a boost; then there is a big change

Need Some Ebike Advice?

Of course, the best way to make an informed decision is to talk to an expert. Still have questions about ebike kits? Electric Bike Solutions is ready to help. We’re here to answer all of your specific questions about battery voltage, motor specifications, terrain, or the installation process. Feel free to contact us today. We’d love to hear from you.

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Get in Shape with an Electric Bike Kit

Electric Bicycle Fitness

Many cycling enthusiasts believe an electric bike is “cheating.”  Actually it is far from it and you can, without question, improve your health by jumping on your own electric bike. We all know that biking is an excellent form of exercise. However, did you know that electric bikes are just as good as traditional bikes for improving your fitness levels?  A Norwegian and Dutch study showed that because riders are likely to go further (because of the pure fun factor), riding an ebike can improve your fitness level just as much as a traditional bicycle.  Hills and head winds become your friends.  The really good news is that you do not have to go buy a completely proprietary electric bike.  Instead you can dust off that bicycle in your garage and easily add an electric bike kit to it.  A system such as our 52V ebike kit will save you lots of greenbacks while still providing great power and efficiency.

What Are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes are regular bikes with a battery and motor that provide a “pedal assist” when engaged. Depending on the system the rider may still have to pedal or may be able to just use a throttle or, most common, have the ability to do both. Likewise, you still control the speed by using your feet to turn the pedals slowly or faster.  Depending on the bike the average maximum speed is 20 -28 mph.

Electric bikes are an attractive alternative to persons who want to leave the car at home and bike to work or for the environmentalist who wants to avoid fossil fuels. Across the globe, many individuals think of them as a second vehicle.  In addition, in the U.S. no license, registration, insurance, and notably gas are required.

Electric Bikes Make Pedaling Easier

Electric bikes use a battery and DC motor to provide a secondary push to the pedals. This is advantageous when going up a hill or when on a long ride. The rider can also control the amount of pedal assist the bike produces via a switch at the handlebars. Typically it has five to nine levels of pedal assist.

Electric Bikes Provide a Great Workout

Electric bikes are a great way to build endurance. With a pedal assist, bike fitness enthusiasts can ride longer and go farther. Surprisingly, it also means an increase in exercise.

E-bikes have proven to be an especially good fitness transition for people that have been sedentary. Many people are not fit enough for a regular bike or especially jogging. E-bikes give them the confidence and opportunity to get an aerobic fitness workout at their level.

Another fitness benefit of an e-bike is an increase in usage. Owners reported that they opted to ride their e-bike versus taking the car to run errands or go to visit a friend. Therefore, you experience an increased frequency of exercising even though it doesn’t seem difficult.

A Trend Worth Following

Because electric bikes provide users with a variety of benefits, it’s easy to see why sales have increased. Globally, electronic bike sales are increasing. E-bikes have come down in price and have had improvements in battery life. According to Bike Europe in the USA E-bike sales rose over 90% between the first half of 2016 and the first half of 2017.

Electric Bike Kit Solutions is the perfect place for setting up your new electric bike. Contact us to get your questions answered or take a test ride.

Save money, save the planet

People With Electric Bike
By Amy Maginnis-Honey | Daily Republic |  May 2009
Doug and his wife pose with their two electric bicycles in front of their Fairfield, CA home. The bikes have allowed the couple to get rid of one of their cars.Photo by Brad ZweerinkFAIRFIELD – For one Fairfield family going green has been a win-win situation. They are saving money while helping save the environment.After reading American Automobile Association statistics that Americans spent more than $8,000 driving a medium-size sedan 15,000 miles last year, they eliminated one of the family’s automobiles.  Now, Doug uses a bicycle that he installed an electric bike kit on and public transportation to get around.  This includes riding the electric bike anywhere from Vacaville, CA to Benecia/Vallejo CA  ‘It basically paid for itself in the first month (no insurance, registration, gas, payments, etc.),’ he wrote in an e-mail to the newspaper. ‘It’s fun to ride, and I still can peddle and get exercise as desired.’  After receiving many comments on it, he decided to get a business license and sell and install electric bike kits on existing bicycles.
The family has also significantly reduced using the clothes dryer. ‘It costs nearly 50 cents a load to dry clothes’ he said. ‘It could even be more when you consider it is taking us into PG&E’s second and third tier of kilowatt per hour pricing.’  So, with some spare items that were laying around the shed, he created a closet-type hanger system from hooks in the ceiling of the family’s garage. Clothes get hung up there after washing and then tossed in the dryer for 5 to 10 minutes to fluff them up.  Anybody in the house that doesn’t want to hang up their clothes first has to deposit 50 cents in a cup above the dryer when they use it. This is saving $35-plus per month.  For more ideas on saving money, Doug suggested readers visit the PG&E Web site at www.pge.com, which offers alternatives and posts the cost of things.The dryer, he said, is an easy place to start.  ‘There are ways (around using it),’  ‘There’s not always ways around using other things.’  ‘I’d love to do more,’ he added. ‘The whole solar thing, wind energy, especially living in Cordelia Villages. It would be nice to harness that. But that technology is unreachable for the average person, especially in urban areas.’

The family are big fans of going green. ‘You have to start somewhere,’ he said!

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